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UWA to launch Centre for Human and Cultural Values

11 December 2017

UWA sets up new centre for research in human and cultural values

WUN Member University of Western Australia's Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education is setting up a new centre to promote the understanding and appreciation of human and cultural values and their impact on important social issues. The Centre for Human and Cultural Values will officially launch on 21 February 2018, with an impressive line-up of public and academic seminars, as well as the inaugural Values Impact Forum on 22 and 23 February. 
The Centre is keen to bring together scholars and students interested in human and cultural values theory, method, and applications.

The Centre currently has six main research streams, including:

  1. Personal and Cultural Values
  2. Children's Values
  3. Societal Issues
  4. Prosocial Behaviour
  5. Consumer Behaviour
  6. The Workplace 

UWA would be pleased to welcome attendees to the Forum in February as a competitive paper presenter or a registered participant. Collaborators from WUN partner universities are particularly welcome. If you are unable to attend but can see other opportunities to collaborate, please contact the Centre’s Director, Professor Julie Lee.

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