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Bristol's Universities in 2030

21 March 2014

Bristol's Universities in 2030

As part of the University of Bristol's involvement in the WUN Global Challenge for Global Higher Education and Research, we asked our students for their views and opinions on what universities will be like for a child born today in the year 2030.

· What will your institution look like in 2030? How will things change in the next 18 years?

· How will universities change as a whole?

· How will the HE student experience change in 2030?

· How would these changes in HE affect the value of obtaining a degree?

· Both education and research initiatives at universities are being encouraged to become more connected globally and to internationalise through staff and student exchange programmes and to collaborate on multidisciplinary, multi-institutional projects such as CERN. What do you see as the benefits of international university networks and collaborations?