News in 2017

  • Bristol Drone Cinematography Workshop 11 December 2017 The MultiDrone Consortium organised the first Drone Cinematography Workshop at the University of Bristol on 6 December 2017.
  • Inside the Mind of the Audience: Measuring Immersion in Visual Media 7 November 2017 In work financed through an Impact Accelerator grant and the BVI EPSRC Platform Grant, Dr Stephen Hinde, supervised by Professor Iain Gilchrist and Professor David Bull, are working on research into the psychological measurement of immersion while audiences watch media.
  • Bristol announced as a UNESCO City of Film 2 November 2017 The University of Bristol has welcomed today’s exciting news that Bristol has been named a UNESCO City of Film.
  • Recapitulation of the PROVISION Training Network 24 October 2017 PROVISION was an Initial Training Network (within the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) of leading research organisations (University of Bristol, University of Nantes, HHI Fraunhofer Berlin and RWTH University of Aachen) and industrial organisations (BBC, Netflix, Technicolor, Vitec and YouTube).
  • BBC and UK universities launch major partnership to unlock potential of data 19 October 2017 BBC Research and Development has announced a five-year research partnership with eight UK Universities to unlock the potential of data in the media. The Data Science Research Partnership will be at the forefront of machine learning in the media industry, helping create a more personal BBC that can inform, educate and entertain in new ways.
  • VILab Hits IEEE ICIP in China in September 26 September 2017 BVI’s Visual Information Laboratory had a strong presence at this year’s IEEE International Conference on Image Processing in Beijing, China. ICIP is the premier international conference in the field of image and video processing.
  • Bristol partner with Google to deliver next generation video technology 24 May 2017 With increased demands for better quality and more immersive and interactive visual services, video has become the primary driver of the internet. A team of researchers from the Bristol Vision Institute (BVI) at the University of Bristol has received funding under Google's Research Awards program to deliver the next generation of video compression technology.
  • “Seeing Through Illusions”: The Unveiling of the Blue Plaque to Honour Professor Richard Gregory 11 May 2017 On 10th May 2017 a new Bristol Civic Society blue plaque was unveiled to commemorate the life and work of Professor Richard Gregory, noted neuropsychologist and prominent University of Bristol academic.
  • Blue plaque to commemorate Professor Richard Gregory. 11 May 2017
  • Image analysis addresses harmful algal blooms 3 April 2017 Harmful algal blooms are the rapid and uncontrolled growth of algae in either freshwater or marine environments and can cause significant harm to human health, animals, the environment and economies. A team of researchers from the Bristol Vision Institute (BVI) at the University of Bristol has been awarded a major grant by the British Council to produce monitoring and early warning systems for harmful algal blooms (HABs), also known as red tides.
  • Luke Jerram Artist in Residence: BVI 17 January 2017 This year sees the beginning of what promises to be a visually and intellectually enlightening year for world-renowned installation artist Luke Jerram and researchers in BVI.
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