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Communicating Pictures: A course in Image and Video Coding David R. Bull

18 November 2014

Communicating Pictures: A course in Image and Video Coding David R. Bull

A new textbook on video coding has been written by University of Bristol Professor, David Bull. The book, entitled ‘Communicating Pictures’ is published by Elsevier Academic Press and presents a unique insight into the principles, methods and standards used in modern video communications – covering the techniques employed in internet, mobile and broadcast communications.

The book is targeted at final year undergraduates, and postgraduate students as well as practitioners. It draws on the author's extensive academic and professional experience of signal processing and video coding to deliver a text that is algorithmically rigorous, yet accessible, relevant to modern standards, and practical. It offers a thorough grounding in visual perception, and demonstrates how modern image and video compression methods can be designed in order to meet the rate-quality performance levels demanded by today's applications, networks and users. It covers the features, operation and performance of the new state-of-the-art High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard as well as giving an insight into future trends and the demands for more immersive video formats.

About the Author: David Bull, Director of the Bristol Vision Institute as well as the Chair in Signal Processing and Head of the Visual Information Laboratory at the University of Bristol  His research interests are focused on image and video communications and analysis for wireless, internet and broadcast applications. He has published over 450 academic papers, various articles, three books and numerous patents, many of which have been exploited commercially. He has undertaken a wide range of consultation activities for both industries and governments around the world.


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