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Camo Lab website launched

27 January 2014

Camo Lab have a launched a website, a hub for all things Camo including news, events, information, people, contacts etc.

The Camouflage Laboratory, AKA Camo Lab are a multi disciplinary UoB laboratory, based in The Social Sciences Complex, 12A  Priory Rd.

A new website has been launched which will provide a hub for all things Camo including: information, news and events such as the upcoming 'Invisibility Talks' in Camden 29th January 2014, with a talk by László Tálas

About Camo Lab

How colour patterns are generated and evolve is a core ‘evo-devo’ theme drawing on developmental biology, genetics, biochemistry and mathematics. The challenge of understanding the selective forces shaping the evolution of the mechanisms generating camouflage is just as great, because the dominant factor is the perception of other individuals, of the same or different species. So, the evolutionary biologist needs to know about photoreceptors (comparative physiology, biochemistry, genetics), optics (physics), signal processing (engineering and computer science), and the mechanisms of perception (psychology, neuroscience).

The study of camouflage needs to be interdisciplinary; Camo Lab pulls together diverse skills and methods, and facilitates new approaches to major questions in biology, psychology and the vision sciences, broadly defined.

Visit the Camo Lab website.





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