School review process and information

The University School  Review process is an opportunity to take a ‘deep dive’ view of a School, which will be focussed on data-driven key lines of enquiry.  There will no longer be an automatic rolling programme of School Reviews. Instead, there will be a robust annual review process whereby candidates for School Review in any given academic year are discussed in Strategic Planning Meetings (see 1.2 below for more information). The selection criteria for School Reviews is as follows:

  •  Substandard performance Must be based on objective data; schools must understand why they have been selected.
  • On critical path to delivering strategic objectives E.g. A School might be going through a major change and it is vital that the process, culture, ethos etc is there to make the change a success. School review may be necessary even if current performance is excellent.
  • Requested by Faculty/School or UEB E.g. new HoS may ask for school review to get some advice on what they should prioritise.

Each Review will focus on key lines of enquiry/terms of reference  that have arisen as a result of discussions held at round 1 of the University Strategic Planning meetings (SPM1) (these meetings take place in circa October/November each academic year)).  The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, in consultation with the University Executive Board will then agree which Schools should be reviewed (circa Dec/January), and the terms of reference for each review. More details can be found in the guidelines below.

School Review Guidelines