Charitable status

The University of Bristol is an exempt charity (see below) and therefore does not have a Charity Commission registration number. The Exempt Charity number is X1121. The University was incorporated by Royal Charter (company number RC000648). Its correspondence address is as follows:

University of Bristol
Beacon House
Queens Avenue
Bristol BS8 1QU

The University of Bristol is also known as Bristol University, and, informally, as ‘the University’ and ‘UoB’.

The University of Bristol has due regard to the Charity Commission’s guidance on the reporting of public benefit (PDF, 54kB), and particularly to its supplementary public benefit guidance on the advancement of education, in accordance with the requirements of the Office for Students as the principal regulator of English higher education institutions under the Charities Act 2006.

The overall aim of the University is that set out in the 1909 Charter, namely ‘the promotion of Arts, Sciences and Learning’.

The University's objects, powers and framework of governance are set out in the Charter and supporting Statutes and Ordinances, which are published annually in the Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Official Record. The Charter and Statutes require the University to have four separate bodies - Court, Board of Trustees, Senate and Convocation - each with clearly defined functions. The Officers of the University oversee the governance arrangements and ensure that all agreements are fit for purpose.

View a list of the members of the Board of Trustees.

Useful documents

Other useful documents which ensure effective strategic leadership and management of the University include the Annual report and financial statements, the Review of the year, the University's vision and strategy 2009-2016 and the Delegation Schedule which identifies the responsibilities and delegated authorities for making key decisions in the name of, or on behalf of, the University of Bristol.