Home of the UK’s first AI supercomputer

In 2024, Bristol will open a multi-million-pound national facility set to become a game-changer for AI discovery in the UK.

Strong connections for industry engagement

Our links with world-class engineering and tech companies will allow you to establish industry connections from the very start of your degree.

Research leaders in AI

Your education will be delivered by expert academics whose research covers the spectrum of AI research from machine learning to computer vision. Your course content will be informed by their latest findings.

Artificial Intelligence at Bristol

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables computers to achieve tasks that would otherwise need to be carried out by people. It powers many of the applications and features that we interact with daily, like virtual assistants, image recognition in smartphones, and recommendation algorithms on streaming platforms.

AI is also playing a substantial role in our critical services. In healthcare, it is enabling early detection of diseases through medical image analysis, while in disaster management, AI is helping to predict natural disasters to effectively deploy resources during crises. It is reshaping the world as we know it.

Bristol's AI-focussed programmes cater to the surging demand for graduates who are skilled in the fundamentals of AI, specifically those who can design and build, secure and trustworthy AI systems that help make our world a better place.

I really wanted to do Computer Science because I always had a love for maths, but I wanted to use it in quite an applied way. I feel like the course at Bristol gives you everything you’d need to move into the world of work.

Sam, MEng Computer Science

Career prospects

two people working on a smart computer

Graduates of the Single Honours Artificial Intelligence course will emerge as versatile AI Engineers with robust mathematical and extensive problem-solving skills, opening doors to diverse career paths across the many rapidly emerging AI sectors including robotics, healthcare, finance, engineering design and manufacturing, and sustainability

Computer Science with AI graduates are well-suited for careers across computer science, from systems analyst to software engineering; especially roles demanding a fusion of computer science and AI expertise in fields such as data science, machine learning, computer vision robotics and interactive AI.

Course structure

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Artificial Intelligence (Single Honours) 

The single honours Artificial Intelligence degree based within our School of Engineering Mathematics and Technology is a programme that will show you how to design and build intelligent algorithms and machines and apply them to advanced topics in healthcare, robotics, finance and engineering. You will learn to become a responsible problem solver in AI and machine learning.

On this course, you will learn how to programme, study the mathematics that underpins modern AI to understand its strengths and limitations, develop problem-solving skills by working together in teams and individually on challenging open-ended real-world problems; and explore the new ethical and legal challenges that AI technology brings.

This degree is designed for individuals who want to understand the foundations of AI technology and how to apply it safely and ethically across diverse application domains.

Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (Joint Honours)

The Computer Science with AI degree based within our School of Computer Science provides a comprehensive education across all areas of AI, including machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, logic, intelligent agents and robotics.

By comparison with our single honours computer science degree, studying Computer Science with AI offers a deeper education in core Computer Science AI concepts and AI skills and the opportunity to undertake AI-focussed projects designing and developing AI software for industry clients or pursuing individually chosen topics at the forefront of AI research.

This degree is specifically designed for those who want to become a computer scientist with a significant specialisation in artificial intelligence.

A university at the forefront of the AI revolution

Isambard AI computer

Bristol’s AI roots date back to the 1940s when pioneers such as W. Gray Walter developed some of the world’s first autonomous mobile robots, driven by cutting edge ideas from neuroscience and cybernetics. Since then, Bristol’s AI research and teaching has gone from strength to strength, launching one of the UK’s first AI masters programmes in the late 90s and the country's largest academic centre for robotics research in 2005.

Bristol was recently chosen by the UK government to host Isambard-AI, the UK’s first national AI computing facility, and one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers. Set to open in 2024, this cutting-edge research facility will provide significant computing capabilities for a wide range of industries, boost the country’s AI research capabilities, and position the UK as a formidable force in Artificial Intelligence. It is an incredibly exciting time to join us.

The University of Bristol is also situated in the heart of the UK's tech hub, often referred to as the "Silicon Gorge”. These credentials are supported by the university’s close ties to Science Creates and SETsquared, both incubators dedicated to fostering science and engineering start-ups and spin-outs. Their work inspires a new generation of individuals who transition from scientists and engineers to successful entrepreneurs.

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