Travelling to and from the campus

We are working with local councils, bus companies and other partners to ensure all day-to-day student travel for study and work is as safe and hassle-free as possible.

Always follow the UK government Coronavirus (COVID-19) safer travel guidance for passengers.

Check advice on testing before you travel to campus.

Face coverings are required on all public transport, unless you have a specific government-defined exemption.

Do not bring a car to Bristol unless you have an essential need. Apart from disabled parking, there is no student parking on campus. Nearby on-street parking is either metred or restricted to residents.

Walking and cycling

Bristol is a great city to get around on foot and by bike.

Bristol City Council is putting in place a series of measures to provide more space for walking and cycling on some of the busiest streets around campus and in the city centre.

If you are walking or cycling, plan your route to avoid busy places and try to maintain social distancing around other people.


The city's main bus operator, First, has introduced new timetables to allow social distancing with buses running at around 90% of normal capacity.

Bristol Unibus services

Bristol Unibus services U1 and U2 connect the University's main Clifton campus with student halls of residence and the Vet School at Langford.

Unibus services are operated by First, and are also used by the general public. 

If you are an undergraduate staying in University-allocated accommodation, you will receive free travel on the Unibus U1. Check your e-induction for details.

All students can get up to 30% discount on bus fares from First, by buying m-tickets using the First Bus app.

You must observe safety messages at bus stops and respect any 'keep clear' notices.


Bristol Temple Meads station is well connected to the UK rail network and linked to the University’s main campus by both bus (9 and 72) and local rail (Clifton Down).

Electric scooters

Bristol is trialling hop-on hop-off electric scooters to help you get around central areas of the city. 

To use a scooter, you need to download the Voi app. This provides information on where to pick up a scooter, where you can to use it, costs and much more. University students taking part in the trial can apply for discounts.

Travelling to and from placements

Schools will provide information on travel arrangements specific to individual courses or work placements.

When you should not travel

The latest rules on when you should not travel at all are in the UK government Coronavirus (COVID-19) safer travel guidance for passengers.

International travel

What to do if you are unable to return to campus due to local travel restrictions.

If you are anywhere in the UK or overseas that becomes subject to travel restrictions, observe local rules and contact your school for advice on continuing your studies. In many cases you will be able to continue to access your studies online.

Travelling home in the dark after late teaching

Advice on personal safety is available from Security Services.

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