Campus spaces

We have made all our spaces COVID-19 secure in line with government guidelines and so you can still enjoy the experiences of campus life.

Follow these steps to keep us all safe

  1. Sanitise your hands when you enter a building
  2. Wear your mask to teaching and in any indoor space on campus.
  3. Fill seats farthest from the door first
  4. Make a note of your seat and room location
  5. Don’t eat or drink (apart from water bottles)
  6. At the end of the session, those sitting nearest the door should leave first

Teaching spaces

All centralised teaching spaces are COVID-19 Secure. This includes reducing the number of seats where required, either by physically removing them or marking them as out of use. Please do not move the furniture.

Specialist teaching spaces

Specialist teaching areas are only available to students in that subject area. Your school will provide specific information about how to use this space.

This will include information about necessary induction, equipment, lab coats, PPE. Contact your school office if you need any further information.

Laboratories and workshops

Schools have designed COVID-safe ways of working in their laboratories and workshops. These reflect the latest Government guidance and emerging good practice across universities.

The ways of working may vary between between specialist/technical spaces. You may need to follow different or additional rules. Each activity is risk-assessed before teaching and learning occurs in laboratories or workshops.

Follow the guidelines and rules that your School sets out for these activities. Contact your school office if you need any further information.

Libraries and study spaces

Libraries and study spaces have adapted their buildings and their range of services. Find out how to book a study space, use the click and collect service or what online resources are available.

School spaces

Your school may provide some study space within its buildings. Your school will tell you the opening times of these. Follow social distancing guidelines if you use these spaces.

Faculty and school offices

Faculty and school offices will provide support for you online.
If your school needs to meet with you in-person they will book an appointment in advance. The meeting will follow social distancing guidelines.
If you don't know who to contact, or the office is closed, contact student services: email:, tel: +44 (0)117 428 3000.

Access to buildings

Follow local rules and signage when you access and exit our buildings. Building opening times will be regulated. Check with your school or the individual service or facility for local opening times.

If you have a mobility impairment

We have prioritised accessible routes to ensure the campus remains available to all.
Accessible aspects such as level access, automatic doors, accessible toilets have not been affected by changes we have made to make buildings COVID secure. 
If you have accessibility requirements and want further information before coming to campus contact your School Disability Co-ordinator.

Postgraduate research students (PGR)

PGRs have extended access to buildings. This will be in accordance with your School's requirements and local risk assessments.

Students with caring responsibilities

Children should not be brought onto campus even if schools remain shut. If childcare or other circumstances are limiting your attendance on campus, speak to your School Office or Personal Tutor.

Sports and leisure spaces

There are new procedures for you to follow to access our sport facilities and services.

Caf├ęs and bars on campus

Find somewhere to eat or have a drink on campus.

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