Internships and placements

Internships give you the opportunity to experience working in a professional environment in the industry or career of your choice.

The opportunity gave me a lot of transferable skills, and it allowed me to see what I did like and what I didn't like. So I've worked out that I do like going out and speaking to people as opposed to sitting in an office working behind a computer all day.

Kathryn (3rd year Geography), Data Analysis Q-Step Intern

There are a wide variety of internships that are advertised by companies looking to recruit students from the University of Bristol. These are all paid opportunities and may be local, national or even global.

Small or medium sized enterprise (SME) internship schemes

The Careers Service runs an internship scheme to enable you to gain quality, paid work experience from small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, including charities, social enterprises, and start-ups.

Part-time work alongside your studies

For part-time jobs opportunities outside of university that you can do alongside your studies.

Summer vacation schemes and Easter insight weeks

There are always a variety of summer internship schemes or Easter insight weeks for students from the University to undertake during their vacation periods. These might range from working in a large international corporation to supporting a local small or medium enterprise (SME). Each opportunity will have different requirements and be available to students at different stages of their studies, but all provide valuable skill development opportunities.

Part-time placements

Local organisations can offer University of Bristol students the chance to undertake a part time placement alongside their studies. These help you to apply your learning outside of the classroom and help to broaden your horizons.

University of Bristol Careers Service

The University of Bristol Careers Service supports student future success. They aim to inspire students and to help them to get to where they want to be when they graduate. They achieve this by offering a range of comprehensive advice and support, from events to careers fairs, from guidance appointments to skills development sessions.

Bristol Abroad

The Centre for Study Abroad support current students to spend a year or semester abroad or to explore short-term international opportunities such as working abroad


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