Staff Tuition Fees Discount


The University of Bristol aims to support its staff to undertake further study at the University by providing a 25% discount on tuition fees. This discount is available foreligible postgraduate degrees only at this time and will be applied for the full duration of your chosen programme. 


The fee reduction will be applied if you 
  • are a current employee of the University of Bristol 
  • have at least 26 weeks continuous service at the time your course commences 
  • hold a fixed-term or open-ended(full-time or part-time) contract of employment 
  • have an offer of a place on an eligible University degree course secured through the standard admissions process 
  • register at the University, pay fees directly to the University and are wholly or partly self-funded
  • have the right to work and study in the UK for the duration of your chosen course  
  • have secured the agreement of your line manager for any study leave or adjustments to your working pattern necessary for you to undertake your study. 

Eligible programmes 

Eligible programmes include: 
All Postgraduate programmes, Certificates, Diplomas and non-credit bearing short courses will be eligible for the discount subject to acceptance onto the programme or course. Part time undergraduate courses such as English Language and Community Engagement will also be eligible. 


  1. If you intend to undertake study at the University whilst you are an employee which will require you to take time away from work, you must first discuss this with your line manager. 
  2. Time off to undertake study can be offered in line with the University’s study leave policies for academic and professional services staff respectively. You and your manager should refer to those policies when discussing your requirements. 
  3. If you do not discuss your proposed study with you manager and obtain their approval for any study leave or hours adjustments in line with policy before you apply for the course, it may not be possible for the University to support you and the discount may not be granted.  
  4. If you receive approval from your line manager, you can then proceed to make your application through the normal admissions process.  
  5. When you are accepted on to a course you should contact to inform them that you wish to claim the University discount. They will verify your eligibility with HR and if you are eligible, the discount will be applied automatically to your fees invoice. 
  6. If you wish to apply for a Short Course this can be purchased through the Online Shop. The full fee should be paid and an expense claim completed to reclaim the 25% discount using the budget code T100003-101. 
  7. For further information, email 

Further details 

  1. Staff on casual contracts who are ‘workers’ and not full employees of the institution do not qualify for this discount. If you have casual status and are unsure if you are a worker, please contact HR who will be able to confirm for you. 
  2. If you resign from your employment with the University before your course is completed you will usually be asked to repay the full amount of the discount. 
  3. If your contract of employment ends for any other reason (e.g. Redundancy, Dismissal or other termination of contract) you will continue to receive the discount on your course fees for the remainder of that academic year. 
  4. You may not see your discount in your financial statement straight away. Your discount will need to be applied and processed. Please note: You will need to have fully registered for your course (not just registered online or provisionally registered) before the discount can be applied. This can then take a few days. If the discount has not appeared after 14 days, please contact 
  5. For students who are receiving an additional sponsorship or bursary, your staff discount will be applied to the self-funded balance that you as a student must pay after any sponsorship or bursary. 
  6. If you have been awarded the Alumni Discount, you will not be eligible for the Staff Discount. We apply the Alumni Discount before the Staff Discount as your Alumni status will continue regardless of employment status.