Home Recruitment and Conversion

The Home Recruitment and Conversion Office sits within the Directorate of Education and Student Sucess and provides opportunities for prospective students to engage with the University, members of our academic community and current students, and discover more about the opportunities for them at the University of Bristol.

Working closely with academic schools and faculties we offer widening participation and recruitment outreach activities and provide advice and support for mature students.

The Home Recruitment and Conversion Office is comprised of three teams.

Undergraduate Recruitment Team

The Undergraduate Recruitment Team organises a wide range of events to give prospective undergraduates students and their families the chance to find out about studying at the University of Bristol.

Events include our annual Undergraduate open days in June and September, year round student-led campus tours and visit days for offer holders, as well as off-campus UCAS and school fairs.

Postgraduate Recruitment Team

The Postgraduate Recruitment Team supports the recruitment of high-quality postgraduates to the University through a programme of activities comprising the flagship Postgraduate open day and a wide range of smaller events.

The team works to foster best practice internally through the management of the PG Recruitment Network (for colleagues in postgraduate recruitment across the University), annual postgraduate recruitment focus groups and a dedicated team of postgraduate student ambassadors.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team organises a varied programme of activities for students, schools and colleges across the UK working to ensure the University is accessible to all.

Our events and projects involve raising awareness of, and aspirations to, the University of Bristol and higher education generally, working with students from primary school age to those who may have left the classroom decades ago.

If you are considering studying at the University of Bristol find more information about studying with us for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.