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Just what exactly is Intramural?

19 September 2018

Intramural lets you and your friends play weekly matches against other teams within the University. It has a fun, sociable, semi-competitive atmosphere where you can play team sports without the pressure of a busy training schedule.

What sports? 
The programme currently includes: 
  • 11 a-side Football (men’s) 
  • Hockey (mixed teams) 
  • Netball (mixed teams)
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
Why get involved?
  • Low cost, highly rewarding way to play sports with all the faff of organising fixtures and finding facilities done for you.
  • Staying active - in an easy an fun way - exercise doesn’t have to be hard or boring.
  • Create and belong to a community of friends where you share common interests, and meet regularly. 
  • Mental health booster - regular exercise, activities away from the stress of studies and friends all contribute to a healthy state of mind that makes university much easier.
How do you get involved? 
There are three main ways of getting involved with intramural: 
  • Halls will be setting up intramural teams. Let your JCR's know you're interested and ask what teams they offer. 
  • Through courses/societies - Ask your committee/course reps if your group has an intramural team and how to play for them. If they don’t, why not ask them to set one up?
  • Individual Teams - There’s nothing stopping you and your friends setting up a team and playing. 

Further information

Applications for 2018/19 are now open. Go to the Intramural website for application forms. The window closes on 1st October.

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