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UBWRFC share their preparations for the annual Varsity rugby match

29 March 2017

Ahead of tomorrow's [30 March] Varsity rugby matches, arguably the pivotal games of the 2017 Varsity series, we talked to Megan Husband from the University of Bristol Women's Rugby Club about how her team has been preparing for this clash of the Titans...

"It’s been an incredible season for Women’s Rugby at Bristol, with 43-0 wins in the Premiership, a record number of sign-ups, and seeing the first team in the Championship Cup quarter-finals.

We couldn’t be more ready to face UWE at Varsity this year. The 2017 match promises to be the most exciting yet, with the professional atmosphere brought by bigger crowds and by playing at Ashton Gate for the first time.

In preparation for the event, the training intensity has certainly been increased. The 1s have been proving their place in their first premiership season with victories against Oxford and Cambridge, and performing incredibly against some of the greatest teams in the country, including Cardiff Met and Edinburgh. Facing such strong sides has pushed the players of UBWRFC to focus on strength and conditioning, committing to intense training and aiming to reach a higher level of rugby. Already known for a fast-paced game with quick handling and athletic players, the squad has worked on adding physicality and aggression, producing a more powerful team all-round.

Leading up to varsity itself, the club has increased pressure on attendance and training, so that we can face UWE with an intense mentality as well as physicality. Recent training sessions have been more competitive, with enough players to form three teams, helping us to prepare both the firsts and seconds for the big games this week. Last year, Bristol achieved an overwhelming victory, but that hasn’t stopped us approaching this year as a fresh challenge.

We know UWE have had a successful season so we’re preparing for a tough match, but we can't wait to play to the new level of UBWRFC."

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