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Introducing our new Director of Tennis

Andy Trott (third from left) Angmering-on-Sea Tennis Club

31 January 2017

Introducing Andy Trott, our new Director of Tennis, who is just coming to the end of his first month at Sport, Exercise and Health. Now that he's settled in, we thought it was a good time to ask him a bit about himself, who inspires him, and what his plans are for the development of tennis at the University...

Who are you and where have you come from?

"Hi I'm Andy, and I've spent the past 6 years working for the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and the Tennis Foundation, helping people to play tennis more often. I've worked with a wide range of groups; including schools, colleges universities, clubs and local authorities to create programmes to encourage people to play tennis more often, to invest more in sport and to build new courts and centres. 

I undertook my degree in Sports Development at the University of Portsmouth and I've always been keen to apply the theory I learned there to my job.  I was president of the University Tennis Club, which I successfully helped to merge into the University Racquets Club in my 3rd year.  I was honoured to be awarded full colours at the end of my degree for an outstanding contribution to university sport.  Since then I've been supporting universities across the country to improve facilities and increase participation.  In 2015 I co-founded the Student Tennis Ambassador Network, which now includes 150 colleges and universities across the UK, and gives students the opportunity to get work experience and qualifications to prepare them for working in the tennis industry".

Can you tell us a bit about your new role?

"I'm really excited about it as I've been given the opportunity to review all tennis activity at the University and figure out how to enhance our offer to all students, staff and community users of our current facilities, as well as develop ambitious plans for improvements".

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

"I want to enhance the range of things we offer to our students, including improving access to our courts within residences and updating the facilities up at Coombe Dingle. Ultimately I believe we have the potential to be a world-class facility with the largest student tennis programme and community user-base in the UK.
What do you see in the future for tennis at Bristol Uni?
"In addition to the above, I plan to introduce an award winning disability tennis programme, making tennis as accessible as possible for all our students. I intend to work with the Tennis Foundation to create a student workforce programme. I've also got exciting plans to offer a better experience to all those using the facilities at Coombe Dingle, watch this space..."
Who inspires you? 
"Tim Henman was the reason I picked up a racquet as a child, and tennis has been my world ever since.  Also Neil Frankle, my first boss, who was Director of Tennis at Riverside Tennis Club in Bedford, inspired me to realise I had the potential to develop my passion into an exciting and rewarding career".
And finally, why should our students take up tennis this year?
"Because it's great fun, a way to meet new people and you don't need to be super fit to be good! We've gots lots of different ways to play, with cardio tennis, touch tennis and BUCS tennis as just some of the ways to play. It's also a great route into volunteering and coaching. Plus, with the success of British Tennis in the last 12 months at Wimbledon, the Olympics etc, it's hard not to feel inspired by all those medals!..."
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