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Performance Sport physical profiling day

Women’s Hockey completing the Yo-Yo test

16 December 2016

Yo-Yo testing and other methods of torture for the 1st teams...

During the day, over 200 athletes from the Performance Teams were tested in relation to movement competency, injury prevention markers and aerobic capacity. The purpose of the day was to profile the physical abilities of all performance team 1st team members and provide a baseline for the Strength and Conditioning programme going forward. Athletes were required to complete an Overhead Squat to test movement and flexibility, a side plank and hamstring bridge to profile injury risk. These tests were chosen with a view to improve their performance but also to prevent significant ACL or hamstring injury which affects long-term participation in sport, another key goal within the SEH department. Athletes then completed a Yo-Yo test as a measure of aerobic capacity, with some elite/professional level scores being recorded. 

Performance Sport Manager Matt Paine said “To give all of our Performance clubs the chance to complete this testing in the last week of term, was not only a huge credit to them as teams and also to the Physical Preparation team who delivered it so effectively.  Having this data to be able then to individualise programmes and training in the New Year will have a huge impact not only on the pitch but off it as well. Clubs will be re-tested in January to see how they have fared over Christmas in between the turkey sandwiches!”

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