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Student Paolo Candio graduates with distinction and is awarded 'Outstanding International Student of the Year 2016'

10 March 2016

Student Paolo Candio is awarded 'Outstanding International Student of the Year 2016' for his research on Physical Activity.

We spoke to Paolo to find out what he had to do, and he gave us this report.

"Physical inactivity is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide and understanding what determines it can help save many lives, increase the health-related quality of life and prevent its substantial societal costs.

For my MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health dissertation I undertook a project aimed at investigating the novel hypothesis of perceived fatigue to be correlated with physical inactivity after work in office base workers. Indeed, if the level of tiredness you perceive affects the amount of physical activity and/or sedenatary time you spend after work. I recruited University staff persuading them to wear an accelerometer for seven days and fill in a questionnaire abour perceived fatigue afterwards. This research found that staff who felt overall more tired was more sedenatary after work than less tired colleagues."

Many congratulations to Paolo for this award. 

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