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Festival Fun Hits Final Week of Term

Press release issued: 16 March 2016

Over 450 school pupils from 7 primary schools came to the University's Coombe Dingle Sports Complex on Tuesday 15 March to spend a day celebrating sport and health.

46 students and staff volunteers from the University of Bristol were tasked with the running of the event - everything from coaching sport, motivating pupils, making smoothies and teaching about different aspects of health and well being such as sugar intake, diet and hydration.

Despite academic deadlines looming this week, student volunteers from the Sport, Exercise and Health Coaching and Leadership programme were out in full force putting their skills into action.

One such student is first year Mrinal Dursan from Mauritius; "I'm delighted I found this programme and met the people involved. The course has allowed me to feel better connected to the community and the city I'm currently calling home. I'm hoping to stay involved for as long as I can."

Project Coordinator Robbie Fox added; "Several of the schools attending today have not been here before. For these pupils and staff members we have a big responsibility to make this experience a positive one. As for the student volunteers involved, the communication, organisation and teamwork skills they are picking up along the way are unique and cannot be replicated in the lecture or exam halls. For our department to be able to contribute to student employability is hugely important for us."

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