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Get Active - Sport and Health Memberships now available!

22 September 2015


A new Sports pass membership system has been introduced this year, which we hope will make sport and physical activity more accessible to students at Bristol.

Developed jointly by the university & Bristol Students' Union (SU)

This system has been developed with the SU, with student feedback central to its development. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes:

  • Swim-only pass: one of the largest criticisms of the previous system was the lack of a swim-only pass. Well now there is one, the Active Swim pass! This costs from £185 per year, working out at under £4 a week.
  • Cheaper access to Sports Club training sessions: under the previous system members of clubs and societies required the relevant sports pass to access their club training sessions with the cheapest pass starting at £160 or as much as £260 if club sessions fell within peak usage times. This is no longer the case! The newly-created Get Active pass allows for entry into club training sessions and only costs £50, making the cost of participation for many much cheaper.
  • One payment for everything: In the past, a separate Sport and Health fee was payable to Bristol SU by sports clubs members when signing up to their club, this money went to fund BUCS competitions. Other activities delivered by the SU such as Fit & Fab or Get Active sessions also had a separate cost attached. These separate payments have disappeared and are now all included in the Get Active sports pass.

Accessibility of Sport

This is a significant change and one that we hope will make a real difference to the accessibility of sport and physical activity at the University. However, this isn’t the end of the consultation process and we would like to know your thoughts. You can use this feedback form, speak to Steph Harris, your elected student representative for Sport, or make contact with the Sports Executive or Sport, or any members of staff from Sport, Exercise and Health.
Equally if you have any other questions about the new system then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We recognise this is the first step of many needed to ensure that students at Bristol have the opportunity to access sport at whatever level they wish and that our provision is up to scratch. Throughout this year we will work with you to make this happen, including a review of the way in which BUCS competitions are funded and continued development of cheap, accessible ways to participate in sport and physical activity.

Matt Birch 

Director of Sport

Steph Harris

Sport and Student Development Officer
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