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Bristol Doctoral College win walking challenge

30 June 2015

Walking workplace

Back in March University staff and students took part in a walking challenge, logging their steps and trying to fit a little more activity into their days. Over 20 million steps were recorded by participants during the four-week challenge - approximately 10,400 miles, or the equivalent of a one-way trip from Bristol to Brisbane, or a round-trip to Vegas!

A key part of the challenge is the team competition, this year won by the Bristol Doctoral College.  The team, pictured here (left to right: Emily Hicks, John Halliwell, Jessica Romney, Oksana Kasyutich, Sally Heslop, Loriel Anderson, Sophie Benoit), recently received the coveted trophy, now displayed with pride in their office. ‌In total the BDC team logged just over 1.5 million steps over the 4 weeks, with an impressive increase of daily steps across the team (over 3000 each per day on average) 

Final results:

Most improved step count - team

1st - Bristol Doctoral College 
2nd - The Wandering Wonders
3rd - The Happy Mondays

Most improved step count - individual

1st - Jola Brdej 
2nd - Clare Grant
3rd - Paul Smith
4th - Ryan Bird

Findings from the challenge:

  • Participants experienced an increase in walking frequency to/from work, during breaks particularly, and also in leisure time as a consequence of the challenge
  • It turns out that the biggest barrier to being more active is work....!
  • There are a definite benefits recognised in taking a break and being more active - and the positive feelings from having done something healthy
  • The challenge helped by providing motivation, encouragement from peers and 'permission' to take a break
  • Many recognise the benefits of walking to physical and mental health
  • Many commented on how the challenge encouraged them to think more about travel options and activity levels - and to maintain the changes made

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