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Volunteer Student Translators Forum receives Outstanding Award

22 May 2020

SML student Lucy Courtnall has received an Outstanding Award for her work in setting up Bristol's Volunteer Student Translators' Forum

School of Modern Languages finalist Lucy Courtnall (BA Spanish and Portuguese) has been recognised by the University's Careers Service for establishing the Volunteer Student Translators Forum.
The Forum, which Lucy is in the process of developing, aims to support organisations and individuals in need of translation work. In the long-term, it will collate the skills of University of Bristol students who are multilingual or study languages, enabling them to donate their time and expertise by working on translations for charitable and educational organisations, such as ABColombia. If you are interested in contributing to the Forum's work, or would like to find out more, please visit the Volunteer Student Translators’ Facebook Group
In recognition of her work, Lucy has received an Outstanding Award from the Careers Service, which is designed to reward students who have achieved something significant outside of their studies. Only 28 students across the University achieved the award this year.

Further information

Before applying for the Outstanding Award, it is necessary to complete the Careers Service's Bristol PLUS Employability Award. To find out more and see if you would like to apply next year, please visit the Outstanding Award page of the Careers Service website 

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