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Celebrating Year Abroad Achievements

“This photo was taken on the Inca trail to Macchu Pico….. We climbed up and met a tour that was doing the trail. We finished up at the view point before they did. I just happened to turn back as they came along the path after us and their silhouettes looked amazing against the sky”. (Milly Chapple)

“The photo was taken in Puerto Natales which is where you stay just before you go trekking in Patagonia…... I had to take a photo as I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. It was just taken on my old iPhone which goes to show how incredible the landscape was”. (Eloise Martin)

“I went with a group of my friends to MACBA which is the contemporary art gallery in Barcelona. It was their 20th anniversary. Black, white and orange confetti was being thrown from the top of the atrium. It was like Autumn leaves on the floor”. (Jessie Eames)

15 December 2016

Winners and runners up in the 2015-16 Year Abroad Photo Competition and Year Abroad Mike Levene Essay Competition were rewarded for their achievements at the Year Abroad prize giving on 14 December.

Dr Ian Foster said Judging the photo competition is always an enjoyable job.  One of the things about the competition is that it reminds us as staff that our students are more than just the product of our individual expertise.  It gives us a real insight into the range of experience their engagement with different areas of the broad curriculum at Bristol has given them and more importantly what they have made of that learning and what it has made them.” 

The Year Abroad Photograph competition was set up in 2008 to help students reflect on their experiences abroad and to promote the variety of placements and locations to second year students about to follow in their footsteps.  Students are invited to submit entries under 3 categories – People, Places and the Unexpected.  

The winners and runners up for the 2015-16 Year Abroad Photograph Competition were:

Eloise Martin, Winner of the Unexpected Category and Runner up of the Places Category

Milly Chapple, Winner of the Places Category and Runner up of the Unexpected Category

Jessie Eames, Winner of the People Category

Eszter Erdosi, Runner up in the People Category.

Sophie Foggin was awarded the Mike Levene Essay Prize this year for her Portuguese Year Abroad essay about the Brazilian Newspaper O Globo’s coverage of President Dilma’s impeachment. The marker who nominated her essay said “Sophie’s essay is an outstanding example of what the Year Abroad is, or should be, about:  an experience in which our students truly learn from the country they lived in…..I dare to say that Sophie’s essay is the best critical analysis I have read about President Dilma’s impeachment, even after reading news about it both in British and Brazilian press”.  

Dr Mike Levene said, "This was the first time that the prize was awarded for a project in Portuguese; the fact that another student got an Honourable Mention indicates the overall strength of the field, and shows the continuing high calibre of Bristol's Modern Languages students". 

L-R Dr Mike Levene, Eloise Martin, Milly Chapple, Jessie Eames, Sophie Foggin, Dr Ian Foster.


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