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Student Prizes Winners 2013 in the Department of French

15 July 2013

Winners of the J&E Parkin, Mary Morrison and Michael Freeman student prizes in the Department of French for 2013

J and E Parkin

To be awarded to a second year student of French who produces the best essay or piece of work on a book published in France during the 16th Century.

Winner: Rachel Farmer


Mary Morrison Prize

Awarded for the best coursework essay or dissertation on a literary topic submitted by a final-year student of French:

Winner: Imogen Carter  for two essays of equal excellence:

'Discuss the view that Apollinaire’s poetry of the 1212-1214 period has an ambiguous and shifting relationship bot to aesthetic innovation and to social modernity' and

'To what extent are the ideals of Pantagruelisme overshadowed by politics in the Quart Livre'

Commendation to: Nicola Pearson

Discuss the relationship between fiction and memory with reference to two or more of the works you have studied


Michael Freeman prize

For the best undergraduate essay in the fields of poetry, medieval or Renaissance studies

Winner: Andrea Savage

Analyse and compare Conon de Bethune’s ‘Ahi Amours, con dure departie’  and Thibaut de Champagne’s ‘Au tens plain de felonnie’

Commendation to: Katharine Bennett for two excellent essays:

Discuss the representation of La Belle sarrasine within the Guillaume  and Fierabras chanson de geste tradition.

Discuss the representations of Constantinople through Le Pèlerinage de Charlemagne and Robert de Clari’s La Conquête de Constantinople

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