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New book by Dr Ruth Glynn published

15 March 2013

Dr Ruth Glynn from the Department of Italian publishes book on 'Women, Terrorism and Trauma in Italian Culture'

Dr Ruth Glynn's from the Department of Italian has just published a book on ' Women, Terrorism and Trauma in Italian Culture'. A Leverhulme Research Leave award supported the completion of this project.

This book provides the first sustained analysis of cultural representations of women and terrorism in Italy and brings to the study of Italy's 'years of lead' (c. 1969-83) a unique focus on the traumatic import of women's participation in political violence. It advances a new, gendered critique of trauma theory and demonstrates how Italian cultural production-which persistently construes women's participation as an intensification or escalation of the threat posed by domestic terrorism-may be read as symptomatic of the collective and cultural trauma associated with female-gendered violence.

'Studies of Italian terrorism may be in their 'infancy,' as Glynn observes in her Afterword, but Women, Terrorism and Trauma in Italian Culture is a remarkably mature, thorough, rigorous study. The organization of the book speaks volumes about the originality of Glynn's approach and the depth of her cultural analysis. The development of the study is eminently sensible and makes for clear, excellent reading.' - Ellen Nerenberg, Hollis Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures, Wesleyan University, USA

"Glynn's book represents a very important contribution to a number of disciplines. Its thought-provoking discussion of trauma, referring both to victims and perpetrators, is further complicated by questions of gender and sexuality. Glynn's critical reading of 'the female face of Italian terrorism' through the study of diverse cultural representations (cinema, autobiography, novels) will make a lasting impact on our collective understanding of the last three decades of Italian history." - Giancarlo Lombardi, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, College of Staten Island and Graduate Center/CUNY, USA



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