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East meets West — Building a ‘remembering’ community

30 August 2012

Latest news from the East meets West project which is investigating how people with first-hand experiences of state socialism remember their past and how it influences their experiences of living in the UK.

Can telling stories about a socialist past and sharing these with a wider public help improve understandings of multiculturalism in Britain today? Two researchers from the Department of German set out to explore this question with the East Meets West project, in which local Eastern European migrant communities play a central role.

Led by Drs Debbie Pinfold and Claire Hyland from the Department of German in the School of Modern Languages, the project brings together former Eastern European communities currently living in Bristol to create a community of ‘eyewitnesses’, willing to share their experiences of state socialism.

For further information on this project, please view the press release issued by the University.

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