Brexit and travel insurance

What happens if I want to book business travel:

If at the time of booking transport, accommodation or other travel related items, it is apparent that arrangements will be affected by Brexit (or other known causes), the University’s business travel insurance may not cover claims for cancellation, curtailment or rearrangement. The information available at the time of booking will decide whether policy cover is triggered, and insurers will handle each claim on its merits.

Cancellation, curtailment and rearrangement insurance exclusions:

The Insurance Company will not pay in respect of any claim as a result of:

What happens if I am taken ill, or have an accident whilst I am in a EU Member State.  Does the European Health Insurance Card still cover me? 

Subject to agreement between the UK and the EU as part of ongoing negotiations, the EHIC will not be valid after 31 December 2020.  There may be certain exemptions where a new EHIC will be required.  See here for the latest Government advice:

You can find out about the replacement for the EHIC, the GHIC, and apply for a card here

Will the University business travel insurance cover me if I am unexpectedly taken ill, or have an accident whilst I am in a EU Member State? 

The University travel insurance will continue to pick up unexpected and emergency medical costs. For full details of cover and emergency contact details/claims procedures, please see here:

I may need routine appointments or prescriptions, will the travel insurance cover my costs?

Travel insurance does not cover routine medical or dental appointments/treatment, nor does it cover routine prescriptions.  You are advised to contact your general practitioner or dentist for advice/additional prescriptions.

Short term business visitors to the EU:

Documentation relating to your trip, such as a letter of invitation from a host institute, should be carried in case Border Officers request proof of support.