What we do

We help staff and students prevent illness and manage existing conditions, promoting good health and wellbeing.

Our role

We provide occupational health support for staff and students to keep them well in their work and study environment.

How we support staff

Leading research and world-class teaching wouldn’t be possible without talented and tenacious University of Bristol staff.

Every person working at the University plays an important part in our collective achievements, and the top priority for the Occupational Health team is to keep staff healthy and well whilst they deliver their work. We do this through:

  • pre-employment health screenings for work involving hazardous activities,
  • health surveillance including respiratory monitoring, audiometry, hand-arm vibration assessments, vaccinations and blood tests,
  • help for staff with existing health conditions to manage those at work,
  • advice for managers about phased returns and workplace adjustments for staff who have been away from work for health reasons,
  • workplace health and wellbeing promotions.

How we support students

At the University, we are committed to creating a positive student experience and nurturing the bright minds of the future, and it’s equally important to take care of the health and wellbeing of our students.

The role of the Occupational Health Service is to ensure the health of Faculty of Health and School of Education students is protected for the duration of their course. We do this through:

  • assessments of pre-course health questionnaires,
  • occupational vaccinations and blood tests for medical and dental students,
  • maintaining the highest professional standards.

Workplace health

How we support University staff to manage their health.

Student info

How we keep students healthy during their studies.

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