Simplified DSE process launched

Engine Shed entrance where University staff can work and can use the newly simplified DSE process to set up their DSE and workstation

Simplified DSE risk assessment process for working anywhere

15 April 2021

A newly simplified DSE risk assessment process has been launched by Safety and Health Services.

Adapted to reflect the new ways University staff work, this process has been designed with flexibility in mind, covering multiple workstations across different locations and work patterns, including:

  • home working
  • working on campus with a fixed desk
  • NWoW on campus
  • working while travelling
  • other types of remote working
  • a mix all working styles

We have listened to and gained feedback from those involved in the DSE assessment process to ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.

View the DSE assessment flowchart for a visual overview of the process and to find links for navigating to further resources.

Empowering DSE users to take ownership of their workstations

The new process can be applied to any DSE user, wherever you work.

While completing the new e-learning module annually, you can review your workstation and make any adjustments to your working space and DSE equipment to work more comfortably.

If you need extra equipment or more support, you can refer to other resources and approach your DSE assessor, who will help you get what you need.

After that, you can contact the team from Safety and Health Services who can provide further support and specialist advice.

Reducing admin for SSAs and DSE assessors

The new process frees up time for local SSAs and DSE assessors by reducing your administrative workload:

  • You don't need to check each DSE user has completed a DSE self-assessment.
  • People using DSE only need to complete the DSE self-assessment if their issues remain after they have completed the e-learning tool and used other resources.
  • For shared workspaces, you don’t need complete a general assessment.

You should continue to keep records locally when issues are reported by DSE users, but the entire process will be less time-consuming. Please continue to use the DSE self-assessment form already in place for this.


Future DSE assessor training will be available to book through Develop, and it’s likely that this training will be delivered online through Zoom or Teams. Please keep an eye on Develop for when courses become available to book.

Contact Jess Vance for more information.

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