New fire safety induction training

Fire safety signage in Wills Memorial library

New fire safety induction training

6 August 2020

Safety and Health Services run a range of safety-related training sessions, including e-learning modules that staff can complete in their own time.

While some training is specialist, some is relevant for all staff, such as the new fire safety induction. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and it’s important to refresh your memory of what you should do if you discover a fire or hear the fire alarm.

Why refresh your fire safety knowledge now

More areas of the University are re-opening as they become COVID-secure. Some staff who return to campus will need to work in buildings they haven’t worked in before and may be unfamiliar with the local fire safety arrangements, fire exits and assembly points.

To make sure you are trained and up to date about fire safety processes, you must:

  1. have a local induction if you are working in a new location
  2. refresh your fire safety knowledge by completing the new fire safety induction

What you will learn

The new fire safety induction includes a short welcome video, a series of information slides and concludes with a set of questions to check your understanding.

You will learn:

  • what fire is and how fires start
  • what to do if you discover a fire
  • what to do if you hear the fire alarm sound
  • how people who cannot use stairs can evacuate

The training also covers:

  • how to minimise the risk of fires starting or spreading
  • your fire safety responsibilities and the roles of others at the University
  • our approach to firefighting at the University

Complete the fire safety induction. For more information and advice, contact Richard Norris, the University’s Fire Safety Adviser.

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