New drone operations approval procedures

Engineering students working on drones during drone hackathon

New drone operations approval procedures

4 December 2019

Following changes to legislation, new simple online procedures for obtaining University approval to operate drones must be followed Following changes to legislation regarding the use of drones/UAVs the University has registered as a Drone Operator with the Civil Aviation Authority.

As an operator, we need to ensure that all use is undertaken in line with CAA requirements and best practice and is approved and suitably recorded. Simple online processes are now available to manage:

  • Staff or students flying small unmodified drones as part of a University activity
  • Staff or students engaging third parties to operate drones for their activity
  • Third parties requesting to fly drones on University premises
  • Other more complex activities involving drones operated in the UK or abroad

Anyone involved in drone operations or managing events where these will be operated must follow the simple online procedures on our Drone Safety SharePoint site to gain approval.

Staff and students:

  • must not register as a Drone Operator under the CAA non-commercial drone operator scheme
  • must not fly under or renew any exisiting Operator ID they may have
  • must gain approval from the Drone Safety Group.

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