NHS Blood Bottle Shortage

As you may be aware, there is currently a national supply shortage of sample vials. Some of our NHS colleagues are having to make difficult decisions about what constitutes an essential test - which may impact some research projects.

Research Outside of the NHS

If you are currently conducting research involving phlebotomy that you are managing yourself - i.e. patients seen on non-NHS premises and bloods drawn using non-NHS supplies - you can continue to do so, but please be aware that if you run out of supplies you are likely to have difficulties re-stocking.

NHS Hosted Research

For University Sponsored research, we will not be actively halting research projects - as we have no way of knowing what supplies a given site has available. 

If a site requests that you;

you must do so.

If this is the case, or if you are informed that one or more research samples were not collected for this reason, this should be documented using our blood bottle shortage file-note template (Office document, 24kB). Please note; it is not the intention that each incident or each patient be documented separately. Please keep one file-note per affected study, with a running list of any samples missed and submit to Research Governance once the situation has resolved.

Samples Critical to Safety

The only exception to the above advice is if you believe that a missed sample has put a patient's safety at risk. In this case, please report the incident to research-governance@bristol.ac.uk as soon as you become aware of it.