Research Highlights

Academics discuss their research

Professor Bruce Hood

(Features in Human and Animal Behaviours & Neuroscience in Bristol and Beyond). Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre, Bruce’s research includes cognitive development from a neuroscience perspective, face and gaze processing, inhibitory control of thoughts and actions, spatial representation and action, naïve theories and the origin of adult magical reasoning from children’s natural intuitions.

Professor Peter Rogers

Peter's research is concerned with the psychobiological bases of food choice and appetite control, and also how diet affects mood and cognitive function. One aspect of this is his interest in understanding the psychostimulant effects of caffeine and what motivates consumption of caffeine-containing drinks. Video credit: Yoho Media

Professor Marcus Munafo

Marcus's research is interested in why it is that some people start using tobacco, and amongst those that do, why it is that some people find it particularly difficult to stop using tobacco.

Professor Iain Gilchrist

Understanding the brain is one of the intellectual challenges of the 21st Century. The brain generates our vivid perceptual experience and allows us to interact with our environment to change and shape it. It is the brain that determines behaviour and it is changes in behaviour that will lie at the heart of solutions to many of the challenges that society faces including climate change, addiction, obesity and conflict. Professor Iain Gilchrist has spent years investigating the complex relationship between vision and actions.Video credit: Yoho Media

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