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Women in STEMM Outreach Event

17 November 2016

The School of Experimental Psychology took part in an outreach event celebrating women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Maths (STEMM). A combination of undergraduate and postgraduate students talked to year 8 and 9 pupils from local schools about research in Psychology and provided them with an opportunity to participate in demonstrations.

On the 11th October 2016 the University of Bristol celebrated women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Maths (STEMM) as part of the international Ada Lovelace day.

In conjunction with that celebration the University arranged a women in STEMM outreach event with local schools aiming to showcase women in STEMM activities by demonstrating experiments/discoveries by female scientists, and giving children and opportunity to speak to female STEMM academics.

The outreach event took place on the 16th November in the Bristol Students Union Building. Around 80 year eight and nine pupils from various schools attended the event and were able to ask questions and participate in activities organised by students and staff involved in STEMM fields across the University.

The School of Experimental Psychology was represented by a group of PhD and undergraduate students talking about some of the research conducted within the school and presenting a variety of tasks used in the field of psychology. Pupils were invited to experience the rubber hand illusion, complete a classic Stroop task, participate in a false memory experiment, discuss a number of optical illusions, watch videos demonstrating change blindness and selective attention, try some emotion perception training, and talk about the brain and its features. The children seemed to enjoy the activities and made comments about the topics presented, as well as asking insightful questions about psychology.

After the demonstrations the pupils were given some time to see the University of Bristol campus and then attended a series of presentations continuing the theme of women in STEMM. Speakers included Professor Kate Nobes, Rebecca McCourt, and Dr Suzi Gage.



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