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Congratulations to all of our 2016 Graduates and Graduate Prize Winners!

19 July 2016

Details of the 2016 prizes awarded to 26 of our students.

On Monday, July 18th 2016, the School of Experimental Psychology celebrate the Graduation of its third year undergraduate students. 

Families from around the world came together and enjoyed a very special occasion celebrating in the beautiful Atrium based in Life Sciences with Prosecco and cake. 

The following prize winners are: 

Guy Proudlove 
Awarded the Richard Gregory Prize. This prize is awarded to the student with the most innovative final year independent research project.

Luke Somerwill
Awarded runner up for the Richard Gregory Prize


Charlie Varley 
Awarded the Wiley Prize, for the student showing the most promise in the subject of Clinical Psychology in Year 3. 

Jodi Chiang
Nominated for the Experimental Psychology Society/British Science Association Undergraduate Project Prize. The nominee for this prize is the student with the highest scoring, cognitive themed final year independent research project.

Jodie Rogers
Awarded the Bristish Psychological Society Undergraduate Award This prize is awarded to the student who achieved the highest overall score in an accredited degree programme at each of institutions accredited by the Society.

Tom Gough
Awarded Outstanding Achievement for the highest overall mark in Year 4.

Isabella Hunter 
Nominated for the British Neuropsychological Society's. The nominees for this prize are the students with the best final year independent research projects of a Neuropschology nature.

Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Students were awarded this prize, for delivering the best presentation within their seminar group in the subject of Comptemporary Issues in Psychology. 

            • Agnieszka Ciborowska 
            • Anna Rita Cunha-Harvey
            • Belou Fox-Furniss
            • Charlie Varley
            • Hannah Deakins
            • Hannah Marsden
            • Hannah Sheehan
            • Jess O'Kelly
            • Jodi Chiang
            • Jodie Burbidge
            • Kathy O'Brady
            • Leon Luithlen
            • Lucy Marshall
            • Luke Emrich-Mills
            • Penny Hao
            • Stef Martin
            • Tamara Willner
            • Tess Langfield
            • Tess Titmuss

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