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Dr Suzi Gage awarded funding from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute

29 February 2016

Dr Suzi Gage has received funding from the EBI to look at associations between screen time and anxiety.

Dr Suzi Gage and Dr Rosie Cornish from Social and Community Medicine have been awarded a one year Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (EBI) grant to investigate possible associations between screen time and anxiety in teenagers. The grant is part of a scheme whereby GPs were called to identify areas where they felt research was needed. These challenges were then used to form the basis of the call for solutions, which funded this project. 

The project will use data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) dataset. Given the inability to experimentally manipulate exposure to screens, a prospective cohort study such as ALSPAC is a good way to investigate these associations. Given that people who use are likely to be different from people who do not in lots of ways, the richness of the auxiliary data in ALSPAC will allow this to be taken in to account. 
The research will be informed by Gage's recent Plos One paper, led by Dr Pete Etchells from Bath Spa University, investigating associations between video games and conduct problems in the ALSPAC teenagers.

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