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Jeff Brunstrom talks and is a panel judge at the 2015 Hackathon "Hacking Eating Tracking" in Boston

21 September 2015

Between September 18th - 20th, Professor Jeff Brunstrom from the Nutrition and Behaviour Unit attended the 2015 Hackathon meeting "Hacking Eating Tracking" supported by the Division of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School and by the Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center. Hackathons bring together experts from adjacent and divergent fields to create innovative solutions to challenging issues. The Hacking Eating Tracking event brought together a group of creative scientists and hackers to catalyze the development of new ideas and solutions that can shape the future of the collection and application of quantified human eating behavior data. Jeff's talk at the meeting was about challenges and methodological limitations in the field of human eating behavior. He also served as a panel judge at the meeting.

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