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Postgrad collaboration publication success

23 July 2015

A unique collaboration between Experimental Psychology PhD students and CRIC Bristol has resulted in a successful publication in Behavioural Brain Research. BBSRC postgraduate training funds enabled the five students to gain invaluable fMRI experience through an examination of visual attention mechanisms.

Five of the School’s current and former PhD students (Craig Hedge, George Stothart, Jenna Todd Jones, Kris Magee and Priscila Rojas Frias) conducted an fMRI study into mechanisms of early visual attention shifting in partnership with CRIC Bristol and with financial support from the School. The project’s aim, aside from its scientific objectives, was to provide the group with experience in imaging techniques. The findings have just been published in Behavioural Brain Research:

Hedge, Stothart, Jones, Frias, Magee, Brooks, A frontal attention mechanism in the visual mismatch negativity, Behavioural Brain Research, Available online 13 July 2015, ISSN 0166-4328,


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