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Soapbox Science 2015

8 June 2015

Dr Susan Quadflieg revealed the secrets of the brain and how and why we make snap decisions at the National Soapbox Science Festival.

The National Soapbox Science Festival was held in Bristol on Sunday 7th June, bringing 12 inspirational local female scientists to the streets to share their research, engage the public and inspire the next generation of scientists. The event was held in Millennium Square and offered everyone the chance to meet female scientists who are researching everything from climate modelling and the social lives of insects to brain science and astronomy.  

Dr Susan Quadflieg explained to passers by the areas of the brain responsible for facial recognition, snap judgements, and mind attribution. She also presented behavioural studies that looked at the cross cultural aspects of these procesess.

The Festival, now in its fifth year, has two aims: to bring science to the streets and highlight the work of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM), traditionally male dominated fields. Soapbox Science co-founder, Dr Seirian Sumner of the University of Bristol said: “Soapbox tries to target the less obvious audience – the public who'd not normally have the chance or inclination to learn about science, or those who'd thought of scientists as being far too unapproachable.  Soapbox takes a truly fresh approach to science outreach – we bring science to the everyday person on the street.  Science is for everyone.”

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