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South West Undergraduate Psychology Conference 2015

Julie Lee

23 March 2015

Nine of our Undergraduate students took part in this year's SWUC and two were awarded commendations for their oral presentations.

The South West Undergraduate Psychology Conference was held on Saturday 21st March at Bath Spa University. The day was felt to be very successful with some amazing project work being reported. An excellent keynote lecture from Dr Peter Etchells, a previous Experimental Psychology Undergraduate and Postgraduate, on the topic of Brains on games: what do we know about the effects of playing video games on human behaviour. 
The following oral presentations were given by our Undergraduate Students:
Julie Gosheva: The moderating effect of feminist beliefs on the self objectification-mental health relationship.
Wan Zhen Chua: Exploring the influence that mind-reading and executive functioning have on prosocial behaviour.
Madeleine Dwyer: To replicate previous findings of a moral contagion effect, with particular emphasis on the role of physical contact in mediating this effect. 
Julie Lee: Contrast-to-noise ration in the medial temporal lobe as a biomarker for dementia.
Samantha Holden: The role of trait and state anxietey in attentional bias to emotional information in visual search. 
Congratulations to Madeleine Dwyer and Julie Lee who were awarded commendations for their oral presentations.
Posters were also provided by Brett Adey, Nicholas Alexander, Robyn Dean and Thomas Gough.



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