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The 5Hz Project: Evolution of the Voice for Social Bonding

19 March 2015

5Hz is a collaborative project, supported by the Welcome Trust, that will imagine an evolution of voice for the purpose of social bonding, based on biomedical and psychological research into vocal rhythm.

In the recent history of human evolution the voice has primarily been used for spoken language. However, beyond 100,000 years ago, how our ancestors used their power of voice remains a mystery. A possibility suggested by some current research is that the voice originally evolved for the purpose of song. Led by artist Emma Smith, psychologist and phonetician Laurence White, cognitive neuroscientist
and psycholinguist Nina Kazanina and musicologist Emma Hornby, the project explores the power of the voice to connect us to one another.

There is an exhibition at the Arnolfini, Bristol from 20th March - 6th April 2015.

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