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One of the top 50 highest-cited articles

24 February 2015

An article by Marcus Munafò has recently been announced as one of the top-fifty most highly cited articles in JNCI published in 2012.

Professor Marcus Munafò and colleagues have been informed that their paper, Association between genetic variants on chromosome 15q25 locus and objective measures of tobacco exposure, was one of the top 50
highest-cited articles in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) in 2012. This is a prestigious oncology journal (Impact Factor 15.161).

This study showed that using precise biomarkers of tobacco exposure provides a far stronger signal in genetic association studies. More importantly, this also indicated that the association between specific genetic variants on chromosome 15 and lung cancer risk is likely to be entirely mediated via their effects on tobacco use. This research was an advance on previous work in terms of using a more objective measure for tobacco exposure. Previous studies have typically relied on self-reported smoking behaviour which may not fully capture inter-individual variation in exposure to tobacco.

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