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Why Do We Believe the Unbelievable

17 October 2014

Bruce was invited to speak at this year’s Wired Event in London where he told the audience about his work on children’s reasoning and the origins of supernatural beliefs.

WIRED2014 was a two-day flagship event that covered an array of topics based on anything that's delivering the future today, this included neuroscience, robotics, business, design, music and entertainment. The event incorporated insights from over 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines, such as design, advertising, digital media, life sciences, publishing, programming, humanitarianism and more.

Professor Bruce Hood was invited to show the scientific basis behind magical thinking. His talk, “Why Do We Believe the Unbelievable” covered some of his recent research on mind-body dualism, sympathetic magic and more specifically essentialism where we believe that the physical world has a non-physical dimension.  

Further details of Bruce’s talk and the full video can be found on the wired webpage.  

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