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Stephan Lewandowsky named Digital Content Editor at the Psychonomic Society

29 September 2014

Members of the Psychonomic Society are Experimental Psychologists concerned with the application of psychology to health, technology and education. The Society and its members perform and promote the basic science of behaviour in areas such as memory, learning, problem solving, action planning, language, and perception that connect with other fields of research.

In this newly created position, Stephan Lewandowsky will oversee new effort to use digital media to help the Psychonomic Society (PS) engage with audiences around the world. He will serve as the lead editor and manager of a wide range of digital content as PS expands its online publishing capabilities in the coming year.

“Our goal is to make the Psychonomic Society website a first choice source for news and commentary about our science” said Jeremy M. Wolfe, Chair of the Governing Board of the Psychonomic Society.  “I am very excited to have Steve serving as our first Digital Content Editor. He shares the vision and has the skills and energy to make it a reality.”

“I am very excited by this opportunity because I think that much of the research done by the Psychonomes is potentially of great interest to the public”, said Lewandowsky.  “For example, while the psychophysics of range-frequency theory may sound quite puzzling or “dry” to the proverbial John Q Public, the fact that the theory can explain workers’ retention and job turnover in the British economy is bound to capture John Q’s attention. I look forward to creating content for the public that explains why basic cognitive research can help shape our societies. I also look forward to managing expert content for the members of the society, so that our website becomes a resource in support of the society’s research.”

As from the today the featured content is now active on the Society’s website -

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