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Leverhulme Trust Grant Success

10 December 2014

Congratulations to Chris Jarrold and Félice Van ‘t Wout who have just been awarded a three-year Leverhulme Trust Project Grant.

Prof. Chris Jarrold and Dr. Félice Van ‘t Wout have recently been awarded a three-year Leverhulme Trust Project Grant to study the ‘Development of Procedural Working Memory’. Procedural working memory, which refers to the ability to keep in mind task rules, is a growing research area but one that has not fully been investigated in children. This project therefore combines Dr. Van ‘t Wout’s expertise in procedural working memory in adults with Prof. Jarrold’s knowledge of working memory in children to study the development of this ability in primary school aged children.

The work will shed light on how children’s ability to remember action plans improves with age, how they learn to manage different task demands, and how they learn the rules needed to complete new tasks. The grant is also accompanied by a PhD studentship, and this student will be developing the educational implications of the project so that these can be applied in classroom settings.

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