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Enterprise Dinner 2014

18 November 2014

At last week's University of Bristol Enterprise Dinner, both Dr David Turk and Dr Olivia Maynard were presented with Engagement awards.

The University of Bristol Engagement Awards are given to researchers who show outstanding achievement in engaging the public with their work.

Dr Olivia Maynard - Maximising the impact of research

Olivia was awarded one of the three engagement awards for her research which focuses on encoring healthy behaviour change. Results from her PhD have shown that plain tobacco packaging increases attention to health warnings on cigarette packages. In a very short space of time, she has engaged with policy makers, third-sector groups, and, via a huge amount of media activity, the general public. These activities have maximised the impact of her research and ensured that her research direction is guided by the needs of policy-makers. 

Dr David Turk - the Brain Box Challenge

Dr David Turk was one of two nominees to be highly commended. During visits to primary school children it became apparent that despite their interest in science there was very little provision within the curriculum, particularly in rural and socially deprived areas. With the help of Experimental Psychology students, STEMNet and Jan Noyes, the Brain Box Challenge was born. This is a suite of hands-on activities delivered by Bristol students and staff, aimed at bringing science to the classroom. In the past two years, Dave and the team from Experimental Psychology have visited 32 different primary schools in Bristol, Bath, North Somerset and Wiltshire as well as one school visit in Canada. 

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