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Dr Craig Hedge and Dr James Hutson commended for outstanding doctoral theses.

19 August 2014

The University Research Degrees Examination Board has awarded Dr Craig Hedge and Dr James Hutson a 'Faculty of Science Commendation for Excellence in a Doctoral Thesis' for their outstanding work.

While PhD degrees are not graded by the University of Bristol, the University Research Degrees Examination Board does like to mark exceptional achievement.

Craig Hedge’s doctoral thesis "Selective Attention in Working Memory - Is there a Link to Perceptual Attention?" and James Hutson’s thesis "Exploring the Nature of Lexical Selection and Spoken Word Production: Competition and the Response Exclusion Hypothesis" were both singled out by examiners as outstanding pieces of work.

On average 150 PhDs graduate within the Faculty of Science each year, of which only 10-15 students achieve such a commendation. The Research Degree Examinations Board awards a prize annually to one student within each Faculty for excellence in a doctoral thesis and the school is delighted that both James and Craig have been nominated for this prize. The prize winner will be announced later this year.

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