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Project 5Hz - voice evolution and speech perception

17 February 2014

Nina Kazanina is part of a multi-disciplinary project 5Hz on voice evolution and speech perception that will run at Arnolfini over next 12-15 months.

Over the next 12-15 months, Nina will be using portable EEG headsets to record brain activity from 8-10 participants simultaneously while they listen to stories in a language they understand or in a foreign language, and while they listen to an artificial language or music. This will enable those involved to explore how listeners track speech rate, which prosodic aspects of language are critical for language processing and how mechanisms of language vs. music perception may differ.

5Hz is produced by Arnolfini in collaboration with the University of Bristol, Plymouth University and with the support of the Wellcome Trust involving a one-year participatory research process, leading to an exhibition in February 2015.

More details on the project can be found on Arnolfini's website.

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