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Motion Influences the Perception of Background Lightness

16 January 2014

A recent paper published in i-Perception by Hiroshi Ashida and Nicholas Scott-Samuel demonstrates how motion influences how we perceive background lightness.

Nick Scott-Samuel has just published a paper on a new visual illusion, in collaboration with Hiroshi Ashida from Kyoto University.

Nick and Hiroshi have shed light on a classic visual illusion called the “Rotating Snakes” illusion. They found that if a uniform white background is overlaid with patches that have a luminance gradient (i.e. are shaded from grey to white), then the background will appear either lighter or darker depending upon the direction of motion of those patches. The findings are presented in the Open Access journal i-Perception this month. 

llusion by Ko Nakamura demonstrates the effect of visual motion on lightness perception.

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