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We are looking for volunteers to take part in the following experiments:

This in-person study aims to understand the perceptual toughness (break-ability) of physical objects and should take 30-45min to complete. By taking part you'll help us to advance understanding of perceptual cognition in the field of human-computer interaction and will receive a £10 Amazon voucher on completion of the experiment.
We are looking for participants to pilot a new assessment of reading ability. The assessment itself takes 45 seconds and the total study time will be less than five minutes over Zoom. Participants will be entered into a prize draw to win one of two £5 Amazon gift vouchers.
We are looking for monolingual native British English speakers for a language study. The study will last 2 hours and you will be reimbursed with £18 worth of Amazon vouchers for your time. 
We are running paid focus groups (~60 minutes long) to investigate Bristol psychology student’s experiences and perspectives on a decolonised curriculum and potential activities in psychology. All participants must be current Bristol University Psychology students to take part and will be reimbursed £15 for their time. Students can participate in a maximum of 5 sessions (£75 total).
An Investigation into the Role of Arousal in Decision-Making
We are conducting an investigation into the role of arousal, measured by pupil-size, and everyday decision-making. The study will take one hour to complete and the participants completing the experiment will receive a £10 voucher AND will be entered into a draw to win £100 voucher.

DopaMINE study
We are running a study over the summer to explore the relationship between dopamine levels and reward. The study takes an hour and participants completing it will be reimbursed £10 in Amazon vouchers.

Please be aware that we do not keep contact information for the experiments listed above and we will not be able to contact the researcher on your behalf.

Please also check the Nutrirition and Behaviour Unit studies and the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group studies for further experiments.

We always need volunteers to take part in our studies

Most studies reimburse you for your time. The amount varies depending on the nature of each study and the funding source, so please contact the researcher for details.

Please note there is free parking available for all participants however this does depend on availability, please ask your researcher if you require parking.

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